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Become A Priority!

ROGUE Movie Network will make all of its publishers a priority by providing website partners with content and brand syndication opportunities, access to our design and technology team, and the leading brand advertising campaigns. We will monetize your ad inventory at the highest possible rates and work with you over time to grow your premium ad pipeline. We have established relationships with hundreds of traditional and digital advertising agencies and offer high-paying ads such as Takeovers, Video, Contests and Sponsorships. We also offer direct campaigns as filler which yield a high cpm as well since we're constantly optimizing.

At ROGUE Movie Network, we make it easy for web publishers to maximize online advertising revenues. Because we exclusively represent the ad inventory of highly trafficked, quality web properties, we're able to leverage our longstanding industry relationships to bring you targeted site-specific ad campaigns, relevant to you, your users and your brand. As part of ROGUE Movie Network, your site is constantly being pitched to our advertisers. We are 100% transparent; advertisers can choose your site specifically, or buy ads on a group of our sites.

Maximize Your Ad Revenue

We help sites effectively monetize their inventory with campaigns which are contextually relevant and therefore deliver the results advertisers seek. This results in developing the highest possible CPMs for properties in the mid-tail of internet inventory. In addition, we focus not only on monetizing your inventory through premium brand sales for IAB ad placements, but also bring beyond the banner integrations to all Publishers providing them with the tools they need to maximize their inventory and evangelize their brand.

Our Experience

ROGUE Movie Network is comprised of a team of seasoned online media professionals, each with over 10 years industry experience. We have successfully built and operated several of the largest online vertical ad networks, including the ARTISTdirect Music Network, which continues to be one of the largest music properties on the web. We have maximized ad revenue and overall value for dozens of publishers over the last 10 years. In addition, we have created additional value for our publisher partners by providing syndicated content and technology, site re-design consulting, and overall education on the online advertising industry to ensure continued growth and success of each publisher in our networks.

Our Philosophy

Strong Customer Service: Our account management team provides quality day-to-day customer service with all of our web publishers. As an invested partner, we are passionate about understanding the key selling points and attributes of your site.

Full Service Solutions: ROGUE Movie Network believes in providing you quality solutions, from ad sales to ad trafficking and marketing support. As such, we manage all your ad campaigns for you so that you can focus on what you do best - building content and driving traffic.

Web 2.0 Technologies: ROGUE Movie Network is continually looking to the future of the Web, by forming strategic partnerships and developing premium ad solutions that will enable you to maximize your visibility and engagement with your audience.

Q1Media National Sales Representation

ROGUE Movie Network is represented exclusively by Q1Media, a seasoned interactive sales representation firm that works consultatively with national brand advertisers in all sectors to help them achieve their digital marketing objectives. With offices in New York, Los Angeles and Austin, Q1Media offers marketing solutions including display, video and sponsorship programs.